About Jeanne Mason, (aka MsGreenJeanne)
One upon a time I hatched an idea to sew my husband a wind turbine necktie to wear to energy and sustainability conferences he attends. Just one problem: I couldn't find any fabric designs of wind turbines! Soon I was slogging my way through learning Adobe Illustrator and working out design repeats. The turbine geometric became the first  of a great many designs that have been printed on fabric and placed on products.
I am self-taught, and enjoy conceiving designs that communicate ideas—especially concepts related to:
~ renewable energy, sustainable living
~ inter-relationships between living beings: plants and pollinators and dispersers, communities of plants
geometric designs derived from nature
In these collections, you will find: 
chocolate plants     electric cars      foxgloves       compost      seed pods       lotuses    peaches    flickers    birches     florals     wildflowers     pollinators       photovoltaic solar     dinosaurs     great blue herons     carolina wrens     jack in the pulpits     wakerobins     ladyslippers     roses     monkeys   bees     mountain laurel 
and more...          
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